Lemo Foundation Modernizes with New Website From Baytech Web Design

In 2008, David and Ali Taufoou founded the LEMO Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Redwood City, California, in memory of their mother’s commitment to family. Their vision was to create a home base where under-resourced youth could come to feel safe, build positive relationships, develop their dreams and thrive. Their ultimate goal was to establish an environment where their kids would excel in academics, athletics and life skills.

As a non-profit, Lemo Foundation’s website design had to best reflect the culture and values of the foundation. Baytech had to collaboratively work with Lemo’s design team to create a cohesive and unified vision for the website that would best represent Lemo going forward.

Baytech first went to work on the design of the website by working closely with Lemo’s own design team. Working long and hard, they were able to develop the content and imagery that would best work within the framework of the mockups and wireframes. Each piece of content was scrutinized until each party was more than satisfied with the visual results.

The next step in the redevelopment stage was to provide a platform from which Lemo’s internal team could create and control the content of the site. Of particular importance was the ability for any of Lemo’s key stakeholders to edit content from their own smartphone.

As a result of Baytech and Lemo’s collaboration, Baytech was able to produce a more aesthetically pleasing and modern website that best represents what Lemo stands for. Also, Lemo’s internal team was given greater control over the content of their website with an easy to manage content management system that they could edit from whatever device they were using.