Baytech prepares customers for mobile with Responsive Web Design

Internet traffic originating from mobile devices will soon outpace that from desktop users. This explosive growth in the amount of people using mobile devices to access the internet makes it imperative that every business have a website that allows its visitors to view and interact with it. Having a responsive website that uses a single address, instead of a separate mobile website, that seamlessly allows interaction and sharing across multiple devices is key in generating a great user experience that keeps people going to your site. Failing to adapt your website to the mobile market will cause you to miss out on an entire market of customers using mobile devices to browse and shop.

Why Choose a Responsive Web Site?

  • Better User Experience – Visitors will receive the same content across all devices and allows for better engagement and sharing.
  • Lower SEO costs – Having only one single dedicated URL cuts down on the costs of having to run separate SEO campaigns on both a mobile site and the regular site.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Ranking – Google recommends the usage of responsive web design for mobile and also for its organic search results.

Baytech’s website design and development experts will work with you to create a responsive website design that is both functional and attractive. Let us show you how to optimize your website for mobile with our responsive designs and stay ahead of your competition.