Baytech helps launch Children’s Discovery Museum’s updated website

If you were a child raised in the Silicon Valley area, have raised a child in the Silicon Valley, or are just a child at heart, you most likely hold fond memories of the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Since opening in June of 1990, the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose has welcomed over 7 million visitors. Its easily distinguishable and unique purple building signals the museum’s purpose: to serve the needs of children, families, and schools as a center for learning and discovery. Every year, their talented team of educators and designers respond to children’s diverse educational needs by bringing new interactive exhibits to life.

Children’s Discovery Museum Entrusted Us With Their Website, So Should You.

Feeling the need to revamp its decade old website to better appeal to its core audience, Children’s Discovery Museum turned to Baytech for their web design and development needs. Baytech, taking into consideration the museum’s history, market and brand, was able to create a site that re-emphasized the core messages that the museum wanted to convey. The use of the iconic purple color scheme and other key design elements were used to project a more family friendly image in alignment with their key demographic. On top of a custom branded, redesigned website, a new content management system was added in order for the museum to communicate information on the website much more efficiently.

Baytech worked in collaboration with Children’s Discovery Museum to come up with a design concept that would exceed their expectations. Being chosen to come up a design for such an iconic non-profit organization that has taught many children the joy of play and discovery, was an honor for Baytech. Not only is Baytech looking forward to seeing what wonderful new exhibits the museum will be bringing for the children to discover, we are also looking forward to working with the museum on future projects.

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