Baytech Web Design’s Refined Process

Here at Baytech Web Design, we’re constantly working hard to improve the quality of our services. We’re shaping a more powerful team to truly align all aspects of development, design, marketing, and branding into a robust solution for your business.

Our team is comprised of only the brightest and most talented folks to create unrivaled results. We’ve added award-winning web designers and developers to our team. We’ve completely integrated our website-building methodology with our marketing team to certify your website is built with a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our lead programmers implement strategic programming tactics to build website infrastructures comparable to complex multibillion-dollar corporations like Zappos.

We’re not only building a site for you, we’re building your business. You’re in good company as we’re developing several Fortune 500 companies’ sites, and even entrepreneur sites that are seeking VC funding. Our sites are built to last and, thanks to our strategic development process, are meant to generate revenue.

Our quality service doesn’t end with just creating a website. We’ve also expanded our QA process to rigorously ensure the quality of all our deliverables. With a complimentary 30-day maintenance plan after site launch, we’ll fix any bugs that may pop up. Our QA involves the whole team, from designers, to programmers, to project managers, to make sure that all aspects of your site functions smoothly.

With all our added value and advantages, it is no surprise our pricing reflects our quality and service. We provide strategic, quality service that reflects all required aspects of building an online presence. Nowhere else can you find the same level of quality and results as at Baytech Web Design, and nowhere else can you find comprehensive services that will help your business succeed. There’s a reason why we’re the go-to development firm for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs seeking VC funding. Our sites have been the driving force for businesses across the country.

We are very excited to work with you to improve and add value to your business. You may have noticed a slight price increase in your proposal, but we hope you understand that only reflects the level of service and quality you will receive with Baytech Web Design. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Web Consultant. We look forward to working with you to not only build you a site, but to build your business!