Baytech Web Design Launches Mobile Web Development Service

San Jose, CA. – Baytech Web Design, San Jose’s elite award-winning web development firm is proud to announce the launch of its mobile web development service. Mobile websites will allow companies to target the existing 89.2 million mobile web users and help companies gain awareness through the mobile web.

Mobile websites will allow companies to offer its client base with a positive mobile web experience. This includes an easy to follow mobile web navigation structure and customized mobile-optimized features. To retain consistent branding, these mobile websites will possess the same look and feel as the original website and will provide businesses with complete turnkey solutions.

“The mobile web is a new frontier that we can’t wait to expand into,” said Claire Lin, lead project manager at Baytech Web Design. “We are looking forward to having the same successful impact on the mobile web as we did with the rest of our endeavors.”

As the mobile web continually expands and the number of users grows to the projected 1.7 billion by 2013, Baytech will be there to meet the marketing needs of businesses trying to expand onto the mobile web. Developing new and innovative technologies that help drive online business is the core of Baytech’s values.

About Baytech Web Design
Baytech Web Design is a global award winning, full-service web development and internet marketing firm. Rated the number one web development firm of 2008 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Baytech offers a full range of web services from entrepreneurs to enterprise level clients. Since its founding in 2001, the company developed over 600 websites, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the non-profit sector. In addition to web development, Baytech’s specialists have created strategies for many successful internet marketing campaigns and social media solutions.