Baytech Web Design Announces Continued Partnership with Clear-Com

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Baytech Web Design, Silicon Valley’s leading web development firm, celebrates its long-standing partnership with Clear-Com, a global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems, in its design and development of their robust corporate website.  Baytech constructed its robust content management system and partner portal,  providing flexibility to Clear-Com’s marketing team to connect with customers online and dynamically manage content.

Through the easy-to-use interface, Clear-Com’s marketing team has the ability to create and edit unlimited content, upload banners and change the order of webpages without having to consult a web designer.  As a result of these features, Clear-Com is spending less time and money on managing their corporate website.

“The custom website and robust tools that support it have given us a tremendous amount of control and speed,” said Judy Cheng, director of worldwide marketing at Clear-Com.  “Prior to working with Baytech, any desired change to our static website required a request to web designers who would take anywhere from one hour to days before the change was implemented. Today, not only are we able to update our products, content and documents instantly,  we also have the support and access of Baytech’s teams of designers and programmers who are available for consultative advice.”

The fully dynamic, database-driven-portal integrated into Clear-Com’s website also proved to be of great use. This addition to their website gave Clear-Com’s marketing team the ability to distribute specialized documents to specific groups of channel partners in certain regions, share corporate presentations and pricing information.

“Saving our client’s time and increasing their efficiency is what drives our business,” said Claire Lin, lead project manager at Baytech Web Design.  “Our team of technologically skilled professionals has true passion for their work.”

This streamlined technology is available at Baytech Web Design, allowing manufacturers and distributors to increase productivity and workflow.  It can be customized to fit any distribution company and provide data and web tools to fit any organization.

About  Baytech Web Design

Baytech Web Design is an award winning global, full-service leading web development and internet marketing firm in Silicon Valley. Rated the number one web development firm of 2008 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the company offers a full range of web services to entrepreneurs and enterprise level clients. Since its founding in 2001, it has developed over 600 websites for various clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the non-profit sector. In addition to web development, the website specialists have created strategies for many successful internet marketing campaigns and social media solutions. For more information regarding the company, visit the website, or call1-866-913-WEBS(9327).