Baytech to provide critical website maintenance to clients

Summer is almost over and how better to celebrate then to perform critical maintenance on your website. Security, functionality, and performance—these are all aspects of a website that are subject to change, and should be monitored and maintained regularly by at least one dedicated specialist. The major question to ask is not if site maintenance is necessary, but whether it is more beneficial for your business to do it in-house or to hire a third party. The following scenarios illustrate a few of the major situations where outsourcing web maintenance is much more beneficial than doing it in-house:

Situations Where it is Better to Outsource Maintenance.

  • Lack of In-House Web Developers – Some companies only have 1 or 2 IT guys with development experience but not enough for advanced security fixes or site updates. Hiring and training new staff to handle these concerns is significantly more costly than using a 3rd party vendor.
  • Lack of Experienced Web Developers – You might have an IT staff but only one or two of them have enough knowledge or expertise required to properly maintain your site. They can learn the required skills in time, but on an hourly basis that learning time equates to money lost when a 3rd party would be able to complete the work right away.
  • Limited Time Frame During Emergencies – You might have a large IT team but their hours might be limited during your time of need. For example, your website gets hacked right before the deadline for another IT project. Either the site or the project will have to get put on the back burner because your staff simply doesn’t have the man hours to do both.

Ultimately, choosing in-house maintenance or hiring a vendor depends on your business needs, the resources you have available, and time you’re willing to invest to overcome certain challenges.