Baytech Provides Pruvin with Engaging Online Store

Pruvin, developed by life sciences company Vitavis Laboratories, Inc., is a product that is the result of 14 years of research and deveopment that helps your metabolism run like it did when you were younger, producing more energy, burning more fat, and generating fewer toxins. Using only natural ingrediants to stimulate and improve the biological process, it works with your system thus making it beneficial to your long term health while satisfying your short term needs.

Baytech Steps Up to Provide Pruvin with a Great E-commerce website

Vitavis Laboratories sought the help of a professional web design and development team with years of experience creating E-commerce sites in order to establish Pruvin’s online presence. After failing to get satisfactory results from a previous development company, Baytech stepped into the void and produced a customized solution that would exceed their expectations. Combining great design techniques with a well built E-commerce platform, Pruvin’s new website provides great engagement through clear messaging and wonderful user experience that will drive new revenue to the business.

Pruvin’s website features the hottest new design techniques for better user experience.

  • Minimalist Design
      Straight to the point design that focuses on content
  • Responsive Design
      Pruvin’s site design is optimized for all users, especially for mobile
  • Flat UI
      Fun and smooth colors combines with complete simplicity to bring websites and web applications to life.
  • Branded Typography
      Personal and branded fonts that send a strong message to customers
  • One Page Scrolling
      Content is served within a single page allowing users to easily find the information they are looking for
  • Fixed Navigation
      Accessible and seamless experience with integrated social media, search and purchasing within the fixed navigation bar
  • Compact Sidebars
      Simple to implement and gives more website space to work
  • Parallax Scrolling
      Differential positioning of an object viewed along two different lines of sight

If you are looking to establish your online presence with a new E-commerce site or are looking to revamp your old site, then consider hiring a company with years of experience developing and designing E-commerce pages for numerous companies of all sizes and verticals. Since 2001, Baytech is an award winning web design and development company that has created over 1500 websites, including numerous E-commerce websites. Our development team has the expertise and experience that will ensure that your project generates the great user experience that keeps customers shopping on your website.