Baytech Web Design is proud to announce the launch of The Baytech’s team deployed this site for Inspur, one of the world’s top 5 technology infrastructure firms. This responsive website will serve as the main hub for Inspur’s digital branding, content, and traffic, as well as offering a secure portal for Inspur’s partners.

Baytech branded the Inspur’s SmartRack, the Rackscale Architecture that simplifies system management, system upgrade, inventory asset management, and reduces TCO. Such a powerful system and infrastructure allow Inspur’s customer, Alibaba, processes 59,000 transactions every second.

Baytech will continue developing Inspur’s brand image through web digital marketing. With clearly defined Inspur target audiences, Baytech will further solidify Inspurs’ thought leadership in the industry and elevate its brand to the world besides its existing clients that already loyal to Inspur brand.

Baytech will further apply branded content marketing to keep the existing loyal customers engaged, and in addition, establish a new strategy to aim at attracting new customers, who may not have Inspur brand in their consideration set. This, ultimately, is to increase its market share.