Baytech Establishes Online Presence for Premier Supplement Provider

As a by product of health challenges caused by the stress of constant business travel, Lisa Lent developed Oxylent to be the ultimate nutritional supplement that could support her well-being amid the stressful environment she had been living in. Initially created to be a supplement for busy people who loved to travel, Oxylent ended up being the ultimate DSHEA compliant, nutritional product for everyday life.

Oxylent Trusted in Baytech’s Years of Experience and Expertise. You Should Too.

Oxylent came to Baytech to develop its new website that would serve to become an invaluable marketing tool for its main line of Oxylent supplements. The new website needed to not only provide potential customers information about the Oxylent line of supplements and the ability to purchase it online, but it needed to accurately convey their creative vision.

Oxylent is touted as an award winning, premium quality multivitamin formula containing nothing artificial and is unique in that it does not come in pill form like so many other supplements to go along with its refreshing taste. In order to accurately express the benefits of Oxylent, Baytech worked extensively to do research on everything about Oxylent. Their target audience, marketing, and competitors were analyzed in order to get a good feel of what would best suit the website. Every little design element had to match the creative direction that Oxylent was looking to take and Baytech responded to each and every demand with a view to exceeding their wishes. From the navigational layout, to the placement of graphics, Baytech did everything it could to convey Oxylent’s brand message in the design process. Once the design was finished, Baytech worked to develop the site into a fully functioning E-commerce store that would make buying Oxylent painless and secure.

“Baytech’s team was definitely the right choice to develop Oxylent’s new website. Their experienced, professional team produced impressive results and they excelled at interpreting our creative vision. They completed the project quickly as well. We would happily work with them again at any opportunity.”

Lisa Lent, CEO – Oxylent