Baytech Announces Web Development and Branding Partnership with InvenSense

Baytech is proud to announce their web development and branding partnership with InvenSense. InvenSense is a valued technology provider to leading consumer electronic device makers such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Google. InvenSense is also at the forefront of wearable technology as their technology is featured in innovative products such as Google Glass. In recognition of their rapid growth, InvenSense was recently named on Forbes’ annual list of America’s 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 2013. To further help InvenSense in their continued growth, Baytech, a Horizon Interactive Award winning development firm, will be tasked with redeveloping their website for a project that will be launched in the very near future.

Baytech is Proud to Provide It’s Services to the Leading Provider of MotionTracking™

InvenSense Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is the leading provider of MotionTracking™ sensor system on chip (SoC) and Sound solutions for consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, gaming devices, optical image stabilization, and remote controls for Smart TVs. The company’s MotionTracking products are also being integrated into a number of industrial applications. The company’s patented InvenSense Fabrication Platform and patent-pending MotionFusion™ technology address the emerging needs of many mass-market consumer applications via improved performance, accuracy, and intuitive motion-, gesture- and sound-based interfaces.