Baytech implements Agile Methodology to Meet Clients Competitive Needs

To meet the competitive demands of their clients Baytech has adopted an Agile approach. Baytech has interpreted the benefits of agile methodology approach to mean a more rapid and flexible development cycle from concept to implementation. It’s the concept of combining the abilities of well-honed professionals into the technical design and development of each project.

The modern concept of Agile Methodology was formed in 2001 to describe a software development process by which iterative and incremental development was of great import to the implementation of all software development.

Just as the Agile Methodology is important in the production of software, the Agile Methodology in website development results in customized, interactive, responsive web designs that evolve through the seamless collaboration between a well-established team of self-organizing, cross-functional individuals. Agile Methodology promotes progressive, adaptive strategies and planning. The Agile concept works on the precept that evolutionary development, delivery and time-efficiency encourages fast, flexible responses to changes in trends, information and data.

The Agile Methodology is important for many reasons, not the least of which is fast response, mutual collaboration, effective communication and mass understanding of every project, at every stage of development. The Agile Methodology’s group effort results in superb results at every cycle of task completion. It is the framework by which every conceptual design is developed at Baytech.

The Agile Methodology is based on 12 principles, which Baytech uses as their methodology “manifesto.” These 12 principles are: * Customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of excellent websites * Acceptance of changing requirements, even late in development * Superb websites delivered quickly * The implementation of functional , attractive design is the principal measure of success * Sustainable development maintained at a consistent pace * Close cooperation between our customers and our developers * Face-to-face, personalized interaction is the best form of communication * Projects are built by motivated, trusted individuals * Continuous attention to technical excellence and outstanding design * Simplicity—the art of maximizing the efficiency of the amount of finished work, with the end result being aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-navigate and fully-functional websites* Self-disciplined and self-organizing teams * Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.

Using these principals Baytech clients have seen a dramatic increase in the turnaround and quality of the finished product for their clients. With the proven development approach, and the right team, Baytech clients can now operate more efficiently in a competitive space.