Graphic Design

Posted by Baytech on July 2, 2013

Your graphic design projects should be handled by a graphic design firm with a track record for extraordinary results. Baytech Web D[...]

Web Site Maintenance

Posted by Baytech on July 1, 2013

It takes a specific skill set to design and maintain a high quality web site. A web site maintenance firm saves you money to keep yo[...]

Brochure Design

Posted by Baytech on June 30, 2013

As corporate brochure designers, Baytech Web Design knows first hand the versatility of today’s brochures. By reviewing our samples [...]

Business Website Design

Posted by Baytech on June 27, 2013

Effective Business Website Design Your business website is a display window for your products or services. A bricks-and-mortar store[...]

Advantages of CSS3+DIV

Posted by Baytech on June 26, 2013

The Advantages of CSS3+DIV By utilizing CSS3 and DIV tags you reduce markup code, speed up page downloads, separate content from its[...]

Innovative Logo Design

Posted by Baytech on June 25, 2013

Where should a logo be placed? * On business cards * Company stationary * Advertising material * On your website * On brochures * On[...]