Yaana Tech

Baytech Creates an Advanced Website for Yaana Tech Suitable for a Modern Internet


Yaana Tech is one of the leaders in providing intelligent legal compliance solutions for service providers all over the world. Founded in 2007 and situated in Silicon Valley, Yaana Technologies makes use of its own specialized NetDiscovery Compliance Cloud product to develop ultra-high-security comprehensive data analytics solutions for all its clients.


One of the biggest challenges that is faced by Yaana Tech is staying abreast of the developing technology of today. Their profits are based on being able to deliver a product to consumers that looks and feels modern. To do this, they need to market themselves in a way that emphasizes on the fact that they are innovative and technologically advanced. Being qualified isn’t enough: attracting sufficient customers and prospective clients is the real challenge.


In order to give Yaana Tech the modern refreshing look and feel that it needs, Baytech Web Design made use of a uniquely professional design that turned it into a fully corporate website that supported multiple customization options. One of the main things to do was to integrate a responsive design to the website so that it would work well across the multiple portable and mobile devices that are currently being used. This would ensure that the browsing experience would be optimized across any screen size. In addition to this, different theme capabilities were added using the powerful yet simple WordPress platform.


Yaana Tech’s website traffic was immediately shown to rise. The new responsive design meant that the website could now be reached easily across a variety of devices. In addition to this they were now using a professional, parallax corporate website with smooth scrolling and easy-to-read information. All of this added up to turn Yaana Tech from an emerging company with promise into a fully-fledged, in-demand tech company.